Why Us?

Why work with an external consultant?

  • Experience:

     Brian has 25 years of experience across multiple software applications, information types and organisations.

  • Wood for trees:

     Brian can step outside the organisation’s current operational practices and see what is going on

  • Political independence:

     He does not allow internal politics to affect what he does, although he is aware and sensitive to the politics. He does not have a vested interest in the outcome.

  • Time and Disruption:

     Quite often internal staff are already pressurised with current workloads. Important strategic debates do not take place because other priorities seem always to be in the way. Brian can simply do the job, meeting people only as needed and creating minimum disruption to day to day processes.

Why work with a smaller consultancy?

  • Real world experience:

     Brian has worked in information management for 25 years and knows what works and what does not work. He is not guided by the latest methodology, but by practical knowledge gained in the field.

  • Low upfront cost:

     With zero overheads and a personal, rather than corporate, ambition, Brian is not averse to offering one or two days of advice, rather than an engagement over several months. He is also able to work odd days, rather than needing to be onsite 5 days a week. As a result, more capital is freed up to deploy the changes recommended.

  • Supplier-side experience:

     Most management consultants have always been management consultants and are not familiar with the realities of the supplier side. Brian can offer advice knowing there is a practical mechanism for working out these ideas.

  • Less stigma:

     The big consultancies often bring a stigma, associated with the suit and tie brigade. Staff can find their presence awkward, especially if jobs are felt to be under threat. Brian can slip under the radar will work as a partner, rather than a threat.